Github Dependabot Pull request creation

Hi Team,

Actually recently I have worked on Github Dependabot security alerts and updates in the security analysis by enabling Dependency Graph , Dependency alerts and dependabot security updates as attached here.

Once I have enabled that I was able to see the warning saying that " We found potential security vulnerabilities in your dependencies" and even in the pull requests I can see that pull request got created as per attached screenshots.

But I just wanted to know that Is the same features available for GitHub Enterprise version 3.0 , Because I don’t see that for one of my client which I am working I can see that alerts which are there in the repos , But I was not able to see the pull requests got created automatically ?

May I know Is there any features that we need to add for this Done ?? Or Is this not available to Github Enterprise version 3.0 yet??

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Hey! Its on the roadmap for Q3 2021 - Dependabot Security Updates (Server Beta) · Issue #86 · github/roadmap · GitHub

Hi @mickeygousset ,

Thanks for sharing the details regarding this and we are clear now that this is not available in Github enterprise version 3.0 and will wait till q3 2021 and then will check based on the availability