GitHub dark theme flashes in site changes

When I am using GitHub’s Dark mode in Safari Version 14.0; while I click github link inside an github page,
or jump around the code files, right before the new site opens, it flashes white and get back to dark mode (which kind of hurts my eye). It does not always happen but happens most of the time.

=> Is there any way to fix this issue?

Example screen recording:

enter image description here

Please note that is added as plugin but its not enabled, but I experience the same issue on that as well.

Thanks for reporting this @avatar-lavventura and sorry you’re seeing those flashes! I’ve taken this issue to the team to see if they have thoughts on what could be causing this

@gaknoll Thanks, feel free to let me know if the team requires more information from me for further debug.

PS: Dark-mode does not work on the site ; if it can that would be great.

@avatar-lavventura We’ve had quite a few other community members report using without issues. The team thinks that a disabled plugin shouldn’t cause this, but seeing your gif believed that it had to be caused by a some browser extension. Do you by change use refined-github?

Seems like does not have any extension in Safari.

I have following extensions: 1Blocker, Dark Mode, Dark Reader (both are off for But when I completely removed Dark Reader seems like flashing is gone.