Github Copilot - Unable to use

I Have received a email from Github: " Welcome to GitHub Copilot Technical Preview!", i tried to use the GitHub Copilot extension at Visual Studio 2022, but he say i dont have access to use the Copilot,this is correct? that email is not the permission to use? or i activated it wrong?

Hi there :wave:t3:

Have you checked out the doc here for using Visual Studio Code with GitHub Copilot?

Hello, yes i followed the instructions, when i try to activate, he redirect to my github settings, and show a option to start a free 60 days trial and say i cant activate the Copilot at VisualStudio.

The email:
“We’re thrilled to invite you to start testing GitHub Copilot. Your feedback will help us make it even better.
Click the link below to visit the GitHub Copilot documentation, and install the extension. The page has all the information you need to get started.”

Yeah, it’s no longer in Preview. It’s now a paid service. It’s weird that it sent you that email.

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yeah, really weird, but anyway, thanks for the info, i’m gonna just desconsider the email.