Github Copilot Repo Access

Hi! I signed up to the github copilot preview and I was given access. I clicked on the getting started repo and accepted the . It told me I needed 2FA on my account, so I enabled that. After going back to the repo, it said my invitation was expired. How can I get another invitation?

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Hi @1x6,

I’m sorry to hear that! Please submit a ticket to our Support team so that they can assist. Due to Copilot still being a limited technical preview we aren’t able to give a timeline for when you will re-gain access to the preview, but this will be your best bet. Good luck!

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I have a similar issue: I received an invitation for Copilot via email:

Welcome to GitHub Copilot Technical Preview! We’re thrilled to invite you to start testing GitHub Copilot. Your feedback will help us make it even better.

I’ve also downloaded the extension, generated an authorization token successfully, and imported that token via the provided link into VS Code.

However, the following problems persist:

Please help me resolve these issues, thanks!