Github copilot - Errors founds

Hi, community. I have been working with GitHub Copilot for about 3 weeks now and there is an error that I see a lot of recurring. I will try to explain it as detailed as possible.

The autocomplete has worked very well for me, however when I try to autocomplete an IP address it is as if something happened to it and it leaves the syntax incomplete.

//create a variable with ipAddress fake
let ipAddress = "

The same happens when the word ip Address appears in another context

 "keys"  :[

notice that it does not complete the quotes, nor does it close the array.

Finally I want to apologize for my bad English. I hope this info is useful to someone and we compare knowledge about it.

Hey there @jasp402 :wave:

First, please do not apologize for your English, you’re a-okay =)

Though, we’ve been gathering Copilot feedback, here:

And if you haven’t already, I would suggest submitting this in that space.

Be well!

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