GitHub container registry - Package not showing on repo

What’s the logic for packages showing up a the repo level?

I have done the following:

  • Org level switch to GitHub container registry enabled for private images
  • I have a private Docker image built and pushed to GitHub container registry via GitHub actions
  • The package shows up at the org level
  • I Connected the repository to the container image
  • I tried pushing again after they were linked
  • The repo packages still doesn’t show anything at bottom right of repo
  • There is no packages tab at the repo level

I don’t know that it matters but our org name is Title-Cased but the image repo has to be lower-case.

I also noticed that if I click Publish your first package and then select docker it shows instead of but maybe that’s just sample docs showing v1 of containers in GitHub packages and not tied into the fact that our org has v2 enabled.

Hi @ghudik-cas!

The team is working on adding container images pushed to GitHub Container Registry to the repository sidebar. We should have them there soon, it’s not an issue with your organization settings. :slight_smile:

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Ahh, good to to know. Thanks @noahmatisoff

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was wondering why this wasn’t working yet it showed up as successfully built