GitHub Container Registry ( public images not visible anonymously on the web

public docker images on github container registry ( not visible anonymously.

Unable to see the public images on the when I am not logged in (anonymous). If the images are public then they should be visible anonymously

One can pull the images anonymously though as long as they know the name of the image

I’ve just confirmed this. My personal package page is empty when not logged in, and so is the repository packages page of a repository linked with an image. If I try to use a direct link to the container page (e.g. my example container) I get 404.

:wave: The team is tracking this issue and working on an immediate fix. Thank you for reporting! We will give a status update once the fix is live.


Fix went out minutes ago. Let us know if you still see an issue!


It works ! You guys totally rock ! Great job … Thanks

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