Github Container registry ( packages not appearing in api

Is there any way to query the ghcr type packages using the github api (rest or graphql)?
The ghcr docs have an example of how to delete a ghcr container image version with graphql. That mutation needs the version id of the package - but how can I get that ID (or other infos about the package)?

This graphql query seems to only lists the “old” type of Docker packages (

  viewer {
    packages(first: 100) {
      edges {
        node {

Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks a lot for any advice!

Having the same issue. Only old packages using domain are listed. Although these packages are listed in Github UI so there must be some query to fetch such information. Can you update api docs or share the correct query please ?

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anyone any idea? (even if it’s not possible yet to manage ghcr containers via the API it would be great to get a quick confirmation). Thanks!!

Hi @christian-korneck,

Sorry about the delay!

I’m afraid it isn’t possible to manage ghcr containers via the GraphQL API. The previous registry version was heavily based on GraphQL. This is a very different beast and will likely have a different API.

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Hi @jcansdale,

is there any ETA for delivery ?

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No specific ETA. I’ve confirmed that the team are working on a REST API for this.

Keep an eye on the change log:

I’ll try to report back here as well!


thanks @jcansdale, I think that answers my question.