GitHub Community Forum turns two!

Hello GitHub Community Forum members!

Today we’re celebrating the two year anniversary of the launch of the GitHub Community Forum! Two years ago, we started with three discussion boards, a single GitHub Original Series article, a handful of users, and a dream of helping GitHub users connect with and support one another.

Since that time, we’ve grown to have nine public discussion boards, over 150 articles in four different GitHub Original Series, and 54K Community Forum members! We couldn’t do this without you and we’re so thankful that you’ve joined us.


What’s happened over the last year?

During our first year celebration, we reported our collective accomplishments at that time and since then, we’ve accomplished quite a lot more together.

Over the last year, we’ve seen:

  • 2,497,000+ unique visitors (A 296% increase from last year)
  • 36,000+ new Community Forum members
  • 1131 new solutions
  • 30 GitHub Original Series articles published (with over 200K views!)
  • the creation of two new discussion boards, GitHub Actions and GitHub API Development and Support


What’s coming this next year?

A new year brings with it new opportunities for change and growth. Just like last year, we want to make some big changes to improve your experience with the GitHub Community Forum.

We’re working with our Product, Engineering, and Support teams to be able to provide better support for more GitHub features as we have through the GitHub Actions board.

We’re looking to make big changes to the GitHub Community Forum itself based on feedback from Community Forum members!

We just launched the Community Forum Leaders program to reward members of the GitHub Community Forum who show an enthusiasm for helping others. Stay tuned as we’re going to be building out this program more over the next year.

Keep an eye on this space as we’ll be able to tell you more very soon!

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for being here! As I said, we couldn’t do this without your active participation. Without your questions and your willingness to jump in and help others, this community wouldn’t mean a whole lot. But because you’re here, we’re able to have a vibrant community where GitHub users of all skill levels can connect to and help one another.

Here’s to another year!


In a couple months, GitHub Community Forums will turn three! :tada: :cake:

Very true! We’re very excited.

I was actually surprised to see this forum existed a week or two ago. I’ve been using GitHub since 2016 (I was around for the controversial switch from silver to black in the top bar :stuck_out_tongue:) and never knew. I also just recently found about GitHub Learning Lab.

GitHub should do more to market these things. It goes beyond just a place to put your code.


Well, I think Github Community Fourms has turned three! :sparkles: :tada: :sparkles:

I actually haven’t been here in a while, so I missed the birthday, sorry about that. Still, happy late birthday!

That seems cool. We’ve built such a strong community.