GitHub Community AMA: State of the Octoverse Report

What: The State of the Octoverse explores a year of change with new deep dives into developer productivity, security, and how we build communities on GitHub, during this AMA Senior Data Scientist Derek Jedamski @DJedamski will answer questions and share insights about the report from build to execution.

Where: The AMA will take place in this event topic, the topic will be open 10 minutes before start time.


About our Speaker:

Derek Jedamski is a Senior Data Scientist on the Data Science team at GitHub. He was one of the primary contributors to the analysis behind the State of the Octoverse report in 2020. The Data Science team at GitHub supports a broad array of product areas, Derek is currently primarily supporting the Security Product space for all of their data needs. Prior to GitHub, he worked at various tech and fintech companies primarily focused on machine learning.