Please I am struggling with implementing this very nice PHP Router library
In everything, it has worked flawlessly. It is an adorable piece of work. Thanks to Mitchell Malouf, et al. But please if you have worked with this Library, please help sort me out. See below and pinpoint my mistakes please.

Here is what I have done with it to set up pagination for my Site Search Page:
Help me pinpoint what I have done wrong:

  1. The Routes:
    (i) get(’/search’, ‘views/search.php’);
    ​ ​(ii) get(’/search/page/$p’, ‘views/search.php’);​
    ​ ​(iii) post(’/search/page/$p’, ‘views/search.php’);

​2) The Form:
(i) ​ …
(ii) …

​3) Typical pagination links:

  • $second_last
  • ;
  • $pages
  • ; ​

    ​Please help point out my mistakes. Thank you very much for your great help.​

    Hey @Chinedumeze and welcome to the forum!

    I don’t have an answer ready for you, unfortunately but I do have a few tips on how you would be able to improve your question a bit, so that someone who does know the answer is more likely to read your question.

    • Try giving your question a descriptive title
    • Try putting your code in code blocks (this forum uses Markdown)
    • Try explaining what you’d expect and how that differs from the result you got; this way we can actually see where things might be going wrong