or Desktop App : select branch name for copying to Windows clipboard?

Hi everyone,

The repositories I work on all use meaningful, often verbose branch names.  I frequently need to reference branch names, e.g. within repository Issues.

Problem: I’m not finding a way to select and right-click-copy a branch name, from the dropdown branch list,  either on or in Windows Github Desktop.

The error-prone workaround is to manually type out the branch name.

Any help appreciated, please?



Hi @brad-stiritz,

I just experiemented with this myself, and I found that if I held down “option/alt” while clicking and dragging on a branch name in the dropdown, I was able to select the text there and then “cmnd/ctrl+c” to copy. 

I hope this helps!

Hi Nadia,

Thank you very much for sharing this very cool solution. I never suspected that the Alt key could be used in this way.

Sincere thanks and best wishes,


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