address is resolved. Services and websites still not accessible

I have freshly installed my system.
Windows 10 Pro

Now I am setting up the development environment for the first time.
So far I am now using the default browser Edge.

Here I get the website almost not displayed. It then comes the following error message:

As a test I have installed the Opera browser. There then the same problem with the same error message.

As a further test I installed Firefox. As in the previous system. Here the connections to the website work perfectly. Without error messages etc.
I don’t remember ever having this problem on the old system. Okay, … I only had Firefox in use there. This should no longer be the case.

To track down the problem I first checked the network.
Actually also standard. Modem, router, switch, VLANs, computer.
No proxies. The settings for proxies and network in the system are also correct.
The Windows firewall does not block the browsers either. Opera and Edge connections are allowed.

What can be the problem here.

The Internet search does not give me any clues as to what the problem could be. Maybe I am using the wrong search terms. But what exactly should I search for, if I don’t know exactly what the problem could be.
Of course I could continue to use Firefox as before. But I actually want to get away from it for this system and stay close to the installation standards. So with the Edge browser.

The system is backed up as an image after installation with basic settings like network, name, cloud, etc. and can be reset to that state at any time.

I appreciate any help in finding the problem and would appreciate your comments.

Kind regards

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The evil is found.
It is due to my firewall pfSense. The ad blocker pfBlockerNG has filtered out the IPs of Why the IPs of Github is in one of the hourly automatically downloaded exclusion lists I can not say unfortunately.
Maybe I can find out which provider of the lists has put the Github IPs on the index as advertisements.

That’s the end of the question here.
Should I delete the post? Better maybe to leave it so someone else can possibly benefit from it.

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I’m glad you found the cause! I’m always on the side of leaving your work for others to find :slight_smile:

You never know how many people will find this and you’ll have saved them hours!

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