GitHub clone speed really degraded

Hi GH Team,

We have been using GitHub since 3 months ago, today we started to face an issue with checkout (we are using Jenkins to perform git tasks). Since 3 hours ago, git is reaching a 10 minutes timeout due to cloning speed and we are unable to checkout our code.

We are using an Azure VM, which has 1 GB upload/download, git clone only uses 800 kbsp to download.



We have tested also to download UBUNTU 20 ISO from its download page, It just take 24 second to download almost 1GB


So far, we are unable to test/deploy our code due to this slowliness, Do you have any idea why just is too slow? Can you help on this?


It appears that you’ve opened a duplicate post to this one. Opening duplicate posts doesn’t get an answer any faster and only serves to clutter the forum for other members. So please do not do so in the future. Since this is a duplicate, I’m going to close it. You may continue the conversation in the other topic.