GitHub clone/checkout speed too degraded

Hi GH Team,

We have been using GitHub since 3 months ago, today we started to face an issue with checkout (we are using Jenkins to perform git tasks). Since 3 hours ago, git is reaching a 10 minutes timeout due to cloning speed and we are unable to checkout our code.

We are using an Azure VM, which has 1 GB upload/download, git clone only uses 800 kbsp to download.



We have tested also to download UBUNTU 20 ISO from its download page, It just take 24 second to download almost 1GB


So far, we are unable to test/deploy our code due to this slowliness, Do you have any idea why just is too slow? Can you help on this?


I’m not an expert on this, but I can suggest the following as a starting point:

You can always verify the status of GitHub via the status page:

sometimes in the past GitHub’s service has occasionally (and temporaraly) degraded due to DDOS attacks, and in these occasions the status page was useful in detecting that the problem originated server-side.

If the status page reports that all services are up and running in an healthy manner you might need to investigate whether the problem is on your side — degrade of your ISP, or problematic nodes in the routing path, etc.

EDIT — of course, the problem could also be due to software services or their settings. But checking that the connection is healthy is always a good starting point.

Also, it’s not uncommon during summer (at least, in the hemisphere and places where now is summer and hot) to experience general connection problems due to overheating of electronic components (i.e. in the household/office, and other infrastructures without hardware cooling facilities), and the fact that during summer holidays there are more people connecting to the Internet, which often leads to overload peaks in some services which might not be able to handle the traffic increase.