GitHub CLI support

@2percentsilk I watched your Universe Codespaces talk. Great talk and just in general a fantastic event with so many new things dropping.

Around 15:28 you mention in your presentation that Codespaces supports the GitHub CLI by default. I double checked in my Codespaces and none of them had the CLI installed by default. I saw in the docs that it’s not hard to install but I was wondering if you plan to make this a default soon or rather keep it optional.

Hi there!

Are you using a custom image/devcontainer? We install the GH CLI by default in our universal image but if you’re using a custom container, you’ll need to ensure that image has the CLI or you can leverage a postCreateCommand to install it as part of creation.

I’m using an image from here: I thought that maybe you have the ability to inject installing GitHub CLI when launching an image on Codespaces.

So you are saying that the default image that Codespaces uses when I have no config at all includes GitHub CLI, is this correct?

That’s correct. Other images are for you to customize to your specifications. We do have script to make always installing the latest easy here: