Github classroom assignment


In GitHub classroom, we have created an assignment before using a template repository before. Then, we needed to change something in the template repository. After the change, the repository of the students that have been accepted the assignment did not change. However, if a new student accepts it, it creates the repository from the changed template.

So, is there any way to update all of the students’ repositories with the changed template?


When a student accepts an assignment, the template starter code is imported (copied) into their repository. I do not think that it is feasible for changes in the starter code after that point to be automatically imported. This would have all kinds of implications , e.g. what if the student changed one of the template files?

In the past we have worked around this problem by deleting student repositories and asking them to reaccept the assignment. We also have scripts that will clone a student repository, copy new/updated code into it, and push it to the student’s repository.