Github checks output

Hello ,

Is there a possibility to retrieve the output when we run the check-run using github checks ?

I would like to do some formatting with the output and create annotations.

Suggestions needed.

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Hi @johnsonsamuel,

Thanks for being here! As far as I know, there isn’t natively. Other than using the check runs API list: and passing the output parameters.

There is a tool a community member created to do this but I can’t speak of its effectiveness:

Looks like github has used some bot to reply to my thread ? Two weeks back I saw a different profile picture with the same name and now its totally different. 

Also the answer posted is not related because I was asking if there is a possibility to extract the output which is shown in the image.

Hey @johnsonsamuel,

Thanks for being here! Not a bot just a Hubber with a new profile picture :slight_smile: Let me do some more digging about your question. Thanks for your patience!

Really ? :D. I am sorry.  Thanks for your help. Awaiting your reply.

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