Github checks out branch as changes in current branch

I’m simply trying to switch from one branch to another. I’m doing this in the desktop client. When I click the other branch I want to switch to, it tells me I’m switching branches. But then I end up in the same branch I started in, with any differences between this branch and the destination branch pulled in as changes. This would be good if I were trying to turn my branch into a copy of somebody else’s branch, but I’m trying to switch to somebody else’s branch, change something, push it to them, and then switch back to my branch. Can somebody help please?

Hi there Chris! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Do you have uncommitted changes at the point you are trying to switch branches? If so, the branch switching behavior isn’t quite so straightforwards, as you need to tell GitHub Desktop what to do with the changes:

It’s also possible you may have set a default behavior for what to do under these circumstances in the basic settings, so you’re not even being presented with a choice any more, GitHub Desktop is just doing it! If you had “Always bring my changes to my new branch” selected that might explain some of this behavior?