Github cannot resolve the correct URL given by Jenkins's Github Pull Request Builder plugin

I have configured our Github and our Jenkins job to be integrated with one another in such a way that when a PR is opened, the Jenkins job will be triggered to test the PR.

In Jenkins, what I used to integrate it to Github was the GitHub Pull Request Builder plugin. Once the test was triggered, your PR will have the information of the triggered job via a link.

This link when opened, will direct you to the job triggered. The link comprises of the Jenkins’s plugin’s environment variable (ghprbPullId)

However, yesterday I noticed that when you click the details link of the triggered job in the PR, it resolves to the literal env variable name: https://samplejenkinsurl/PR${ghprbPullId}

As you can see in the link above, there was no update on the Jenkins plugin so I deduced that this is a Github issue. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!