GitHub: Can I customize Pull Request review emails?

Is there a way to customize the email message body sent to the user when s/he is requested to review a PR? I do not want to customize the PR message itself (e.g, I am not trying to open-up a “pull request template” when the user opens the PR) I am looking for a way to deliver meaningful content in the email message body, along with the review request. Currently users have to “follow the link” back to GitHub to see the PR details. If a reviewer was able to view the details in the email first, they could decide if they are required to review, for example. (assuming they are not critical-path to the PR’s being approved)

Thanks in advance!

No, there isn’t a method to customize the pull request review emails. On the other hand, if you at-mention the individuals or teams in the initial pull request submission, they will get the full pull request details in their notification email. So that is an option to achieve what you describe.

I hope that helps!