GitHub Campus T.V

We are launching GitHub Campus TV, our primary focus for content, with a weekly stream for students!

Join us on the GitHub Education Twitch channel every Tuesday 9:00 AM PT time for new shows.


This is really cool! Can you get the domain and redirect it?

Interesting thought! Let me ping the experts. @ajjimenez @juanpflores can you take a look?

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Hi @everyone :wave:

Tomorrow we have our next guest on GitHub Campus TV :tv: .

Denise works as a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub, where she builds tools to facilitate productive, healthy collaboration within open source communities. Her superpower is visualizing every technical concept in terms of cat cartoons:

@Deniseyu will be teaching us how to get started with doodling and how she uses it for story telling and teaching.

:star: @elisemoe will be hosting the stream!