Github buttons not working (disabled state)

For some reason Github buttons are “disabled” for me. I managed to use them by editing them with inspect element tool.

<button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary js-blob-submit flex-auto mx-3 ml-md-3 mr-md-0 ml-lg-0 mb-3 mb-md-0" id="submit-file" data-edit-text="Commit changes" data-pull-text="Propose changes" disabled="">
     Commit changes

Hi @valttew, welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!

Is this on one of your own repositories or a repository owned by someone else? Do you have any branch protection rules enabled for this repository? It could be that you don’t have direct permissions to write to the main branch here so the button isn’t enabling.

If this isn’t the case, are there any browser extensions you have that are enabled for that could be interfering with the page?