GitHub Badge ideas

GitHub released it’s second shield badge, for Mars 2020. Nice!

I think it would be awesome to have a bunch more badges, to make people feel special.

Some Ideas:

  • Mars 2020 Perserverance contributor
  • Web Platform contributor (libraries used inside the code of web browser, for relating to development of browsers, not necessarily libraries used by web developers).
  • U.S. Government contributors (libraries known to be used by US government orgs)
    • Also perhaps badges for other major countries.
  • Deep sea submarine contributor

Maybe also personal achievements, like

  • Reached a certain number of additions/removals
  • opened XXX issues in one repo
  • made XXX commits in one repo
  • Has a repo with more than XXX stars
  • etc

Also, not everyone may want these badges. For example, someone who has unknowingly contributed code to some country might not want that to show on their profile. Maybe there should be options (toggle switches) in user settings.

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A couple more ideas for upcoming NASA missions:

  • Artemis Gateway Station Contributor
  • Artemis Viper Rover Contributor