Github Authentication for my App and Revoking the Access token Upon Logout

I have looked at for documentation on this and there doesn’t seem to be instructions I can find. Seems like the OAuth docs are being deprecated?

Scenario: I am using github authentication with express and passport.js to log users into my application. This works fine. However I want to revoke the access token at logout of my user. I am looking for an endpoint to call where I can pass in the token and the app_id to revoke the token so as to invalidate any further API calls to github using that token.

For example:

Authorization: Bearer USER_ACCESS_TOKEN

will get all the user information back for that user.

Upon logout I want to also invalidate the token so that the endpoint can no longer be called using that token. Something like this (which appears deprecated) MY_APP_ID /tokens/ USER_ACCESS_TOKEN

What is the endpoint to call to revoke the access token? Would expect something like /token/revoke with the client_id, secret and access_token.

Background info:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.