Github apps: Can we manually trigger a github app just like we can do with github actions?

Hello everyone

As per my understanding, the github app listens to the events on the repository and acts accordingly.
Here is my situation. I want to trigger a CI/CD but that should be manually triggered. I have an App that orchestrates the pipeline and instead of that app listening to the events, I want it to be manually triggered.
Any options for that?

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Hey @lordozb :wave:

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding where you’re hoping to force/restrict a manual run. It sounds like what you’re requesting, is that a manual action be taken after the app receives instructions to trigger your Actions.

Though, that logic would likely need to be written out, as opposed to leveraging an official GitHub Application bit of functionality.

However, Actions itself, does have the ability to only run when performed manually. So, your App would receive instructions to kick off an Actions workflow, but that workflow could have workflow_dispatch defined to be run manually from the UI.

Check out both, our:

…to see if this does truly solve for your use case.

If not, please let me know where my understanding has a disconnect and we can see about an alternative flow! :bow:

@lordozb Did you figure this out? I have a similar use case where I need to wait for one github app to complete before I trigger my app (and pass it arguments)