Github Application: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates


I am trying to deploy an Github Application that receives webhook events from Github. I have created a web application that serves certificates provisioned by Let’s Encrypt. I have found this link that details that some Certificate Authorities were removed from Debian which might explain why Github’s Webhook Infrastructure doesn’t trust the CA.

Does anyone know if Github will trust endpoints that present Certificates obtained from Let’s Encrypt?



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I don’t see why the GitHub infrastructure wouldn’t trust certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt unless the specific certificates were invalidated for some reason. Are you getting an error message of some sort?

Additionally, webhooks aren’t required to be sent via HTTPS but it is  strongly encouraged that they are, especially if the webhook events have to do with private repositories.

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I may not be returning the complete certificate chain. I have yet to find time to confirm this was the issue but it could likely be the case.