Github App Permissions on Pull Requests

Hi, I am making a Github app that needs R/W pull requests permission but does not need permission to issues.

I found that v3 endpoint for pull requests does not support adding assignee or labels. I had to call the issues endpoint

PATCH /repos/:owner/:repo/issues/:number

to accomplish that after the pull request has been created.

However, despite having R/W pull request permissions, I am unable to add labels or assignees using the endpoint. It fails silently. Updating title and body for pull requests using the same endpoint works.

It is quite frustrating that I am now forced to requests users’ R/W issues permission which I didn’t really need.

And taking a step back, it is quite awkward to have to call two endpoints to create a PR with a label and assignees in the first place. :smiley_cat:



Hi @wei,

It sounds like you might not be using the preview header that’s required to modify labels via the API. :

You can now use emoji in label names, add descriptions to labels, and search for labels in a repository. … To access these features and receive payloads with this data during the preview period, you must provide a custom media type in the Accept header: application/vnd.github.symmetra-preview+json

If that doesn’t solve your problem, I’d recommend writing in to private support with an example curl request. 


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