GitHub app on IPAD prevents edit file online

I wish to do minor update to the file and wanted to do it online.
I’ve clicked edit/pen button on oauth2-proxy/docker-compose-nginx.yaml at 4d9de06b1dbad8d27965afa2586df29667eeb50c · oauth2-proxy/oauth2-proxy · GitHub, but instead of opening the file in edit mode(as it worked before installation of the app), I was prompted to open APP instead.
Regardless is app more convenient or not, I still want to have ability to edit directly in browser.
As I am not an owner of the page, I expect my own fork will be created and then I will be suggested to submit PR.

BTW, when I opened GitHub app, it does not open the file, that I wanted to edit.

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@mnf there is an edit option on GitHub – see this guide for how to edit files from in another user’s repository:

The option to open the file in GitHub Desktop clones the repository to your local machine. GitHub Desktop is not a file editor, but it does allow you to easily launch the repository in a default editor of your choice like VSCode.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

@steveward ,
I know, how edit/pen button should work( please read my initial post).
My post reports that after I’ve installed GitHub app on my iPad, the app hijacks the click to edit/pen button and prompts to open application instead of fork the repository.