GitHub app marketplace submission review time

Would anyone happen to know approximately how long it takes for initial review?

Also, I’m assuming the above that I see at the bottom of the manage listing screen is inaccurate? It doesn’t really make sense.

> To become verified, GitHub Apps should have a minimum of 100 installs and OAuth Apps should have a minimum of 200 users.

In order for my app to be installed, it would need to be published (not in draft mode). My app can’t be published without becoming verified since plans need to be paid for. Or am I expected to only offer a free app until I have 100 installs?

Update: I was told that they are pausing on app reviews for an unknown amount of time.

Oh lame, did they give any reason why? I’m preparing an app to be reviewed too, currently it’s unverified and has a free offering, but in order for it to be sustainable I need to start charging for it.

They said “Currently approvals for verified apps are paused while our Marketplace team is making some changes to the approval process.” That was nearly a month ago and I haven’t heard anything since. It’s pretty disappointing considering the time we invest as developers.

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> It’s pretty disappointing considering the time we invest as developers. 

I submitted my application for verification in January. It’s been 4 months now. It’s terrible that they’ve been so poor at communicating what’s going on with us.

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