GitHub App Manifest Flow for single file read/write permission

When creating a GitHub App using the manifest flow is there any way to specify the permission level (read/write/none) and path for single_file permissions?

I am currently investigating using the probot base template, which results in an app.yml manifest. However there is no entry for single_file in there. If I add 

single_file: write


single_file: read

I get an error stating that name path is requried


Is there any way to include this in the manifest format?

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After analyzing the update behavior for an existing test app, I noted that this can be achieved by:

  # other permissions...
  single_file: write

and then in the standard metadata for the manifest (where name, url, description, etc. are):

singe_file_name: <path to the file>

and this gave the expected behavior via the manifest flow.


Github app manifest flow for single fille read/