Github App for OAuth - Questions on app creation

Hi folks,

I am integrating Github issue management with ServiceNow (SN) using OAuth coming in from SN.
I got things working on a test repository by creating a Github app with the user that created/owned the test repository.

My questions are around our move to production.

I’m concerned that I need the owner of the repo to make the app. I am not certain I need that. So question #1 there. The reason that concerns me is that we are going to the main repo which is an org now, the original user is gone.

Secondly, any other pitfalls? Since we are prior to the production push I am trying to get the gotchas out of the way before the actual attempt. Any wisdom is appreciated.


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Update: I am attempting the new github app creation and mirrored my setup on my PoC version. As expected I am hitting issues but the errors coming out are not descriptive.
“GET method not supported for APIMethod not Supportedfailure” when I attempt to fetch my token on the SN side.