GitHub app doesn't show repos that I can see in browser

I have GitHub app installed on my work phone and on my private phone. I cannot open repos like Azure/mlops-v2: Azure MLOps (v2) solution accelerators. ( in private GitHub app, although the repo is public (I understand I cannot open private repos that belong to an organization on my private phone - as SSO is not allowed on my private device, but here it’s just a public repo). It says “Resource protected by organization SAML enforcement. You must grant your OAuth token access to this organization.” I don’t understand, it’s a public repo and I just want to follow the updated. When I open the website in an in-private browser (anonymously) I can see the repo and add me as follower (once logged in) to receive updates as Emails. Why can’t I do this using the app?

Heya @anderl80, and welcome to the community! I’ve gone ahead and moved your topic into the GitHub Client Apps subcategory in hopes to get better visibility on your post! I also suggest posting your product feedback in our new Feedback Discussion! I’ve linked directly to the GitHub Mobile section of the feedback discussion for you, where our product team can better track your request and hopefully solve this problem for you as well.