Github App doesn't have repository access to repositories where the user is a collaborator

I created my first private Github App on a secondary account. From my primary Github account, I invited the secondary User as a collaborator to a repository (let’s call it TestRepo). However, when I went back to my secondary account Application configuration, TestRepo did not show up as an option on the Repository Access section for the Application installation.

Is there a way for my Github App installed on my secondary account to have access to the Repository that the secondary user is a Collaborator on? If not is there a workaround?

:wave: hello there @PatelOmar and welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Once you create a private GitHub App, it can only be installed to your organization or user repositories that you own. It’s not possible to install a private GitHub App to a repository that you have access to as a collaborator.

Here are some possible approaches, depending on your use case:

Does that help with what you’re looking to do?