GitHub app doesn’t show commit message in a useful format

Rather than treating the user’s commit message as a long string, it’s broken up oddly. The first characters are bolded and the end is not.

There may be a convention for Git commit messages, but users may have better conventions, and this just seems weird.

Don’t bold, and don’t split. Or at least make the current behavior optional.

that seems to me a preview, so the title is formatted as bold and the body is not, and since that is a preview, it can be seen as just like one statement

but it’s best if you can provide the direct link or more screenshots when you expand it, to see more

I don’t think of any commit message as a title with body. (I suspect that other users do, which is why I suggested it should be a preference.) No other version control system does that (and other apps, like Xcode, simply treat it as a string as well).

Even if you do think of it that way, it makes no sense to break a word in the middle — in my screen shot, “cards” was turned into “ca…\n…rds”

I’m not sure what additional information you want. Here’s another example (from the current TestFlight build). I typed one sentence. The app decided to break the word “than” as “t…\n…han”

BTW, I am not familiar with your categories, but this is the iPad build of GitHub. Not sure if that counts as Mobile.