[Github API v3] Unable to add assignee or reviewer to PR in private repository

Hi! I created a Github APP which is responsable to create a review request or add assignees when a PR is opened.
In my personal repository (public) everything is working. On the other side, I have a private repository inside an organization, with “team members” instead of collaborators (it might be a problem using github API).

Add Assignee:
I’m able to list and check assignees but not to add assignees.

List assignees & check: OK

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/assignees

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/assignees/:assignee

Add assignee: 404 not found

POST /repos/:owner/:repo/issues/:number/assignees

Add Reviewer:
To create a review request, I’m using this endpoint, but I recieve “422 Validation Error”. And as it says in the docs, it is because user to be reviewer is not a collaborator.

POST /repos/:owner/:repo/pulls/:number/requested_reviewers

 What can I do?



Github APP permissions:

Pull Requests: Read/Write
Single file: Read only

Hey Guido,

I have the same issue! Did you solve your problem? How?


Hi @romainboulay ! I moved to GraphQL