Github API v3 : retrieve all repos clone links in a given org

I’m trying to find a proper way to retrieve every repository (clone) link within an org. For example

From the docs, I understand I have to request : and get the repo link field from there. But I only get :

  "message": "If you would like to help us test the Projects API during its preview period, you must specify a custom media type in the 'Accept' header. Please see the docs for full details.",
  "documentation_url": ""

What do I miss ?

According to the docs at, this api is in preview, so you must specify a special Accept header to acknowledge that this is a preview that may change at any time.

Answering my own question : the answer is in the doc and is pretty straight-forward by broswing , and look at the repos_url

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Thank you for taking the time to answer. I posted a solution for my initial need.