Github API v3 Pagination Limit


I’m trying to get all issue events for my repository but after 1334 page I get the warning: 

In order to keep the API fast for everyone, pagination is limited for this resource.
Check the rel=last link relation in the Link response header to see how far back you can traverse.

I’ve checked the linked header

<>; rel="next",
<>; rel="last"

I can’t find any info in Github API documentation, but looks like 1334 is the max possible page count, is it true?

Anyway, how can I get all issue events of my repo?

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In order to get absolutely all issue events for your repository, you’ll need to use the List events for an issue endpoint and enumerate across all existing issues. You may also want to make use of the per_page parameter to request 100 records per page, which will allow you to receive more records for your rate limiting investment.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply!

It’s weird. I’d prefer to use one endpoint to get all events and I didn’t find any info about limitations for repo issue events endpoint in your docs.
So does it mean that List events for a repository endpoint have some limit, but it wasn’t documented for some reason?