Github API (v3) 'list events for a repository' call only returns events for the last month ...


I’m trying to retrieve all events (comments, state/label changes) etc. from a repository. I’m using the ‘list events for a repository call’ ( . )

I was surprised to see only a relatively low number of items returned.

Upon closer expection, I notices that the first event returned is the most recent, and the last event returned is exactly one month old. My repository goes back several years, so clearly there is a cut-off here.

My problem is that I cannot see that this is documented, nor any parameter that could control it (allowing me to get everything).

What is going on?



Note, that I did try as well the get events call for a specific issue ( . In this case, I do get all events, even going back several years. However, I would like to avoid doing a double loop (issues, then events) for get all repo events.

My mistake!

I did the wrong call to get events.

I used URL: …<owner>/<repo>/events

instead of 


Works fine.

(I got 22000+ events :slight_smile:

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