Github Api v3 different callback responses

I’m using github API in version 3, but request I send give me different results.

I want to retrieve top javascript repositories sorted by stars with that request:

Once at the first place is visible freeCodeCamp repository once vue once bootstrap.

Maybe I have used this API incorectly or I should not relly on official github API ?

Have you met such problem? Do you have some kind of solution for this?

The number of stars that a project has can change at any moment and sometimes the number of stars can change drastically when a project gets a lot of attention because of a news story or other media attention. We also adjust the system when we find that stars were granted improperly or erroneously. Because of this, the star rankings aren’t stable for any given length of time.

Given all of that, what is it you’re trying to accomplish?

Between first and second github star place is about a half star difference (150k for javascript language).
I’m sure there should not be so much change in ranking between top 10 projects in 2 requests sent in 3 min. time interval. Isn’t it just unstable API?

@lee-dohm What do you think about it?

I wasn’t able to duplicate what it seems you’re describing when I tested it. I’ve already given reasons for why one might see significant shifts in star numbers, even in a short period of time.


Can somebody have a look on that?

So you are saying that have you tried to put in your browser this URL few times:
And it always gives you first and second (just 1st and 2nd) always the same?
If no, please tell me how it is possible for “freeCodeCamp” to disappear from this list sometimes? If it has 300k starts.

I’ve already answered your question. The star counts are not stable for any given length of time for a number of reasons.

If you can share what it is you’re trying to do, then perhaps I can give some more suggestions or information.

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