GitHub API Token-use from other IP addresses

Hey guys,
actual I´m working on my master thesis and try to gather data from the Github API with a token to get up my allowed number of requests. This works great on my homecomputer. However, due that the amount of data is very large, I want to use a Linux VPS for this work. I set up everything and ran the same code, however the allowed number of request stays at 60, while from my homeserver with the same code I get 5000 available requests. Even with a new Token, the number of allowed request doesn´t go up. I always have only 60 on the VPS.

It would be great if someone could help me.

Best regards from Germany!

:wave: Welcome!

Given those numbers, it sounds like you need to check your authentication - rate limits are 5000/hour for authenticated requests, and 60 for unauthenticated requests.