Github API for updating a file content is not working for files under .github folders. Could you please suggest solution for that?

Hi All,

I facing a strange behavior here in case of updating a file content using github API.

curl API command:<internal_org>/<repo_name>/contents/.github/workflows/TEST_pipeline.yml

data = {
“message”: “Updating via api”,
“content”: “base64 encoded data”,
“sha”: “sha for the file”

Problem: Except .github folder the file update is happening everywhere via above API call. I am receiving below error if I am doing the file updation for files under .github folder .

{“message”:“Not Found”,“documentation_url”:“”}

Error Code : 404

Can any one suggest the solution here.


The repo scope isn’t sufficient for updating workflow files, you need to have the workflow scope, too. See Scopes for OAuth Apps - GitHub Docs.