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There’s no horizontal scrolling when viewing source code or any other file. I’ve disabled word-wrapping as it makes for a terrible reading experience… Pinch to zoom in or out would be nice too!

can you provide more details and screenshot?

At the risk of sounding rude… What part of “No horizontal scrolling”, as in left to right, needs more clarification? And you want a screenshot to boot? C’mon man… a screenshot won’t help.

okay, answering questions here are not really required for me, maybe someone else will help you,

for example, when in a large project you want to raise an issue, there is a certain format to follow, there are screenshots required no matter how obvious, because it’s highly technical or else the issue will simply be ignored, it’s the same thing here

in your case, we don’t know what is causing that issue, maybe for example, the settings in your device or any other thing,

I don’t appreciate you implying that the issue I’m having is possibly something I have done. I’ve been programming for almost 40 years, I know how this works.

The only setting I’ve touched is in the FileView, to disable word wrapping. The preview in the FileView’s settings window does allow horizontal scrolling. But the actual FileView does not. Doesn’t matter if the device is in portrait or landscape orientation.

Device: LG Stylo 6 ( LM-Q730TM )
Android version: 10
Security patch: October 1, 2021
GitHub app version: 1.44.0 (628)

As for a screenshot, I’m not going to include, as it’s 100% redundant.

just to be clear, I’m not thinking any other thing other than helping programmers here and solving their problems, no other implied meaning,

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