Github and AD - Getting info from AD and into Github

Hi all,
I am newish to Github and I am currently looking at implementing a form of automated ‘issue’ tracking via the ‘New Issue’ feature in Github.

Our Github is connected to our Azure AD and SSO is enabled.

What I would like to do is when a member requests access to certain files/folders or to a Teams page or similar Github looks up that user in AD and finds the ‘reports to’ field and sends an email to that users manager. Then ideally when the manager ‘approves’ access, and email is sent to the IT team to set up access.

Do you know if its possible to automate this or where I can look for more info/guides?

Many thanks


Maybe you can reference to the official documentation below to view more information.

In addition, the “GitHub Actions” zone is used to discussion the GitHub Actions workflows . If you have any questions or problems about workflows, you can post tickets here for support, and we will provide the help as much as we can.

About the question of connection to AAD and managing members access, you can post your tickets to the “How to use Git and GitHub” zone for more detailed help.

Thanks for your understanding.