GitHub added "-Master" to to my repository download

I created a repository, let’s call it:

  • This-Is-My-Plugin

The plugin folder (within the download zip) needs to be named exactly as it is, ie  “This-Is-My-Plugin”

All was fine until I created a branch, changed some code and merged the branch back in.

Now, when I download the zip, the extracted folder containing the code files comes out as:

  • This-Is-My-Plugin -Master

This then is not wanted, should not happen, especially as breaks my plugin !

I would be really grateful if someone can tell me how to:

  1. fix it (ie get rid of the appended “-master” text), and
  2. prevent it from happening again.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @blakesheaven,

Thanks for being part of the Community Forum! I’ll answer your question as best I can.

When downloading the zip archive of a repository, GitHub automatically includes the name of the specific branch as a way of identifying downloads of branches of the same project (so you can tell them apart).

Additionally, a GitHub repository will always have a default branch named master. However, you can change the default branch name to something else if you want. Changing the default branch name is really the only way to alter the behavior of a .zip download.

Details on how to set a different default branch is available in our help documentation.

I hope this helps!