GitHub activity feed does not display all entries

I’m wondering why some activities are not displayed in my feed. The doc says:

The feed shows you events from people you follow and repositories you watch.

Just few days ago, a colleague of mine committed and pushed something to a repo I’m watching but I cannot see this activity in my feed.

Why does it happen? Do I have to manage some settings somewhere?

Well I think it should just show that in your feed. Maybe contact Support (

Hi @floatingpurr,

Because we might need to do a little digging, and we don’t want you to have to share any private account information in a public forum, I’d echo what @mpboom said and recommend you reach out to us via our contact form (if you haven’t already). Thanks!

Hello @nadiajoyce and @mpboom,

     I followed your suggestion and now I’m in touch with the helpdesk. :wink: