[Github Actions] Workflows that checks for updates to used actions then pull requests them.

Hi, sorry to say this but, I would love it if the github actions service did just this, because how often do we have time to realtime update the version ourselves. Dependabot does this for projects like C#, and all of the stuff and is now part of github, why not do a similar thing with that bot thing or something else that can inform us and say “Hey an action used in x workflows has been updated in the marketplace. The version up will be merged when CI passes.” sort of thing that dependabot also does. With this issue out of the way us users of the github actions service would have an easier time, both keeping it all up to date, and writing the code we want run in the actions (like building, testing, benchmarking, deploying, etc with it).

Without nothing checking our .github/workflows/\*.yml action workflow configuration files it makes our lives a sort of hell because then we got to manually check them for updates. Even if we got to explicitly in the yml files define the frequency of the update checks.

Hi @arahaan ,

Thank you for reaching this out! 

Although sometimes it’s possible to use ‘{owner}/{repo}@{ branchname }’ to always get the latest action content, but cannot make sure it’s stable as released version, currently have to manually check the action for release version.

Thanks for your idea, according to the policy, it’s recommended to raise a feature_request ticket here where Github product manager will take a review.


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Ye, I understand one can do branch name, but it is also a bummer that one cant just do action/{action name}@latest either where it automatically uses the latest one in the marketplace, or at least if they do not do either one pull request an update to them. Anyways I messaged them from the link you provided. Sorry that I did not really notice a special place to report feature requests for it.

Glad to support, @arahaan . Happy coding!

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