GitHub Actions workflows can't be executed on this repository.

I am using a self-hosted runner, and have added a spending limit to my org. Why is it giving me this error?

### ERRORED 01:15:01Z - Workflows can't be executed on this repository. Please check your payment method or billing status.

Hi @ianks. Sounds like it should work. I recommend sending an email to support so they can take a look:

We have the same issue on our public repository ( 
Actions is free for public repository. We didn’t use custom runners, it’s strange that it can’t work now.

Updated: I’ve sent a support email.


Apparently this affects ansible organization too, – we got two projects affected by this sudden surprise.


Slightly differently, also affects anyone with a legacy plan. Way to treat your long term customers github!


I guess, the workaround would be to move your repos to a FOSS-only org:

@os6sense wrote:

Slightly differently, also affects anyone with a legacy plan. Way to treat your long term customers github!

That has been pretty obvious since the beginning. If you look at the billing docs and pricing details on the product page, it only lists the “new” plans. I think we also got an email on our legacy organization stating that access would be ceased once the Beta was over and that for that organization.

It makes sense too. Actions wasn’t part of your plan when you signed up, so why should it suddenly be available to you now? Eventually they want everyone to move to the new plans instead of staying on the legacy plans forever and new features like Actions and Packages are a good incentive to do so. You can’t expect to get every new feature for free on the legacy plans, just for being a long term customer.


I don’t think anyone was expecting to get every new feature for free on the legacy plans. There billing docs and pricing details are quite clear on one point: GitHub actions will be free for Open-Source projects in public repositories. But it looks like it is not the case if these repositories are tied to an account with a legacy plan (like for Ansible). I hope it is just a bug.

For private repositories, the docs can be subject to interpretation. You can, in good faith, understand that the lists are for the free minutes, and legacy plans will have no free minutes but can still pay for GitHub actions. Or you can understand that  a migration to a new plan will be required to have GitHub Actions.

IMHO, being required to migrate to a new plan to have GitHub actions is a good incentive for private repositories. For public repositories, this is more an incentive to move to a FOSS-only organization and to not pay anything to GitHub.


It wasn’t super clear at all. In fact, actions Just Worked on our legacy plan for a long time. Just breaking it overnight is not a good experience.


I was surprised and disappointed by this breaking overnight as well. I still don’t fully understand why it stopped working for an open source repo.


This is very confusing. This seems to have changed overnight. Surely this is a bug?

If it had been obvious since the begining, we wouldn’t have bothered with the beta i.e. why offer beta access on accounts that will not be eligible for the feature?. We get new features all the time with the legacy plan (e.g. security updates, ui improvements), github have just opted for the most appauling way possible to attempt to monetarize this since we can’t pay for it sepeately.

I don’t think you actually understand why many of us are still on Legacy plans still btw. Github originally used the number of private repositories as the incentive to use their higher tier plans; they then decided to charge based on the number of ‘members and external collaborators’ for their new plans. This meant that some organizations would have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for their accounts. For us its a lot less but it doesn’t represent value for money.  

Github could easily have made this a metered service or found a sensible way to deal with the needs of Legacy accounts holders but opted not to.


The same here, fails with a billing error on a public repo

According to, GitHub Actions is no longer available for legacy plans, for both the public and private repositories. I am really disappointed by this move of GitHub for the public repositories.

I changed my billing cycle from $0/month to $0/year and the actions are working again. Looks like some system needed ‘touching’.


OMG that was it, thanks so much @harsimranmaan - I wasted hours trying to figure out what was wrong :man_facepalming:

Apparently GitHub Actions release may make history by reminding us what kind of monopoly GitHub became.

Time to start removing actions one at a time,


Lucky that I did not add any CI jobs there, makes the removal less painful. Still, I guess that all those that spend time creating cool actions to share on the marketplace will soon they are free to use for some select cases. I guess we will only see an increasing list of well hidden footnotes from now on.

I can fully understand a freemium business model as long is fair and where the paying costumers are paying for extra features while they can keep accessing the base-free ones. What happened here is that paying customers are asked to pay extra (a lot)  for something that all the others are getting for free.

This impact open-source directly. I am contributor to several such projects which are fully free and without any commercial backing behind but which happen to be hosted under an organization that also paying. I not even member of this organization and have zero control over what they pay for. Still, I am no longer able to access actions that we started to rely on.


Some OSS projects may qualify for a voucher that will give them a Teams level plan for FREE , and therefore access to Actions. Probably the best way forward on this would be for an admin of the organization to write into GitHub Support requesting consideration.

I was having the same issue, then all of the sudden the actions started running again. Maybe the issue was resolved.