Github actions workflow stuck

Hello, the workflow is stuck with all jobs completed successfully, which is blocking all other workflows to start. Cancelling the workflow doesn’t help, disconnecting the self hosted runner doesn’t help either. Just the yellow spinning icon like it’s in progress. What to do please?

@vitek-urbanec ,

Please check with the following things:

  • Whether the workflow is stuck only on self-hosted runner, or GitHub-hosted runner, or both?
  • Whether the workflows in your other repositories have the same problem?
  • Try to use the “Cancel a workflow run” API to see if the workflow run can be cancelled.

And if possible, please share your repository with us, so that we can check more detailed configurations in your workflow to analyze the root cause.

thanks for response, it’s self hosted macOS runner. I’ve pushed into the branch again and triggered a new workflow, so it’s not blocking me, but that one run is still stuck.


I noticed the same thing today. It also happens on a self-hosted runner (linux). We even tried rebooting that machine to no avail.

Using the API to cancel returns a 202, but doesnt cancel the run. We can’t run this (easily) on a github runner, so that is not an option. Like @vitek-urbanec - we aren’t blocked but its just hanging out there saying it has been running for the last 17 hours…

@vitek-urbanec, @chanan,

I noticed an recent reported issue ticket (actions/runner#700) for the similar issue.

You can follow this issue ticket and add your commands to it.