GitHub Actions workflow log output scrolling weird ("lags behind"?)

Sorry for the ambiguous title. I wasn’t sure how to describe the issue I’m experiencing. I can update the title if we can decide on a better way to describe it.

With large log output, my scrolling is “weird”. It feels like it “lags behind” and I end up having to release my mouse button, click gain, and drag down again, usually three or four times.


If I scroll quickly, it’s fine. But this is not how I usually scroll - it’s too fast to read anything:


If I scroll slowly, it’s worst. The slower I scroll, the worse it is, unless I scroll as slowly as possible, in which case the problem doesn’t occur at all. Again, not realistic for me unfortunately, because I don’t normally scroll this slowly. I jump around until I find the general area I’m looking for, and then scroll slowly as I read details:

I think the above animation is too big of a file to display properly, so here’s a smaller example:


It would be horribly inefficient for GitHub actions to load entire logs for workflows, so it doesn’t; it loads the log as you scroll down. Since it doesn’t know how long the log should be it guesses the size and uses that for the scroll bar.